Peak Insurance Brokers gives you the facility to pay your insurance online.

Peak Insurance Brokers is listed in both HSBC & BOV Internet Banking facilities and allows you to make a secure payment online for your insurance, licence & other payments you need to make.

All you have to do is:

1) Log on to the internet banking facility of your banker. (Links below)

2) Once you have logged into your account locate the Bill / Payments Section.

3) Add Peak Insurance Brokers as a Payee.

4) Insert the ammount due to be paid & in the notation you can insert the Policy Number, Number Plate or any other relevant information to identify what the payment is for.

5) We recommend you send us an email on or call our head office on (+356) 2125 2571 to inform us you have sent a payment and what it was for so we can confirm we received it and process your insurance as soon as possible.

HSBC Malta Internet Banking
BOV Malta Internet Banking