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Peak Insurance Brokers Limited is dedicated to deliver the utmost possible quality of proficient service to its clients. Despite this, should the client feel that he is not pleased with the level of service given, Peak has created a process as to how such complaints can be administered.

A complaint is a declaration of discontent directed to the company by a client or a third party related to the service one has been given.

A complainant is the person who is acknowledged to be qualified to have a complaint contemplated by the company, comprising but not limited to the client, the policyholder, insured person, beneficiary or injured third party, who would have already tendered a complaint.


We handle complaints with an optimistic approach as we concede that a complaint may underline particular inadequacies in our service which warrant furtherance in our services or practices. Consequently, if you believe that we have not succeed to provide in our pledge to present an outstanding service please inform us.


You should first contact the person or the department who takes care of your business and notify them of the basis of your problem or issue, as they may be the paramount choice to support you and resolve your setback straightaway.

If your matter cannot be addressed straightaway, we will assess and record your concern and promise to revert to you with our response within five answered days.

Nevertheless, should you still remain displeased, you ought to submit your complaint in writing, addressed to the Complaints Manager, noting the facts of your concern and how you believe it should be solved.  This can be done by post, phone or email as noted hereunder.

Leslie Borg – Complaints Manager

  • Peak Insurance Brokers Limited, Sacred Heart Street, Santa Venera SVR 1120, Malta
  • +356 2125 2571


All written complaints will be acknowledged immediately and you will be notified when to await our reply.  Following a full examination, normally within a time-frame of no longer than 14 days, you will be notified what we feel of your complaint and how this may possibly be solved. If it is not likely to fully investigate or resolve your complaint within the specific timeframe, we will inform you of the progress and action we are perceiving.

In the possibility that you are still not fulfilled with the response and way we have handled your complaint; you may communicate with the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services. 

Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services